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Vancouver used food equipmentVancouver has pledged to make itself the greenest city in North America. This is already an uphill battle but small steps add up! Choosing to outfit your kitchen with used appliances and equipment can help the environment and your wallet. If this sounds good to you, our Vancouver used food equipment is yours for the taking.

Vancouver is a world well-known tourist destination. Anything that you could imagine is available and accessible within city limits. This means that no industry is safe from fierce competition – especially the food industry! Whether you are an industry veteran or a newcomer, you know who important it is to keep ahead of your competitors. You can accomplish this through both quality and quantity.


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Vancouver Used Food Equipment: Staying Ahead of the Competition

Quality: In the same way that the quality of your ingredients is important, to quality of your tools is vital as well. You can’t cook good food in an oven that does not heat evenly or store ingredients in a fridge that doesn’t stay cold. That is why every appliance and piece of equipment is repeatedly tested and cleaned before it goes out to our clients.

Quantity: When you are a part of the food industry, accommodating clients is the key to success. The staff at Brugman feel the same way! Our Chef Shop might be located in Maple Ridge but anything that you might need is readily available. Each and every type of food service location requires different equipment than the guys next door. A pizzeria requires different cooking tools than Pho restaurant or barbecue joint next door. If you are bringing variety to the table, that is a lot of equipment to purchase! So, why not doing as cost effectively as possible?

Brugman Commercial Kitchens has been in the industry for more than three decades. Our excellent customer service skills have helped build up our name and reputation. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, call today for our Vancouver used food equipment service.


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