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vancouver kitchen designVancouver is a city based around the idea of repurposing. With such a high population, Vacouverites need to make the most of the resources that we have. This applies to many things but space, in particular, is a big one! If you find yourself in a position where you have the space you want but not the kitchen that you need – we can help! Our Vancouver kitchen design has been servicing the region for decades. By creating functional kitchen space for clients, large and small, Brugman is leaving their mark all over Vancouver.

What Our Designers Can Do For You

There is constant turnaround in Vancouver’s retail community. This makes being able to snatch up an adequate space is a stroke of luck. When you do find yourself in a new venue, it can be hard to see passed what is right in front of you. Our expert design can help you see not only the space you have, but the space that you COULD have.

Our Vancouver kitchen design service is not limited to the back of house either! There is a lot more than appliance placement that goes into your design. Brugman commercial kitchens can not only create your perfect kitchen but other areas as well. Bars, washrooms, service areas and front of house seating are no problem for our design team. The best way to overcome chaos is to prepare for it! Our experienced staff understand what a day in a busy kitchen looks like – so we know how to help you prepare for it. By preparing the most efficient and functional kitchen space possible, we ensure that your prep and services are always running smoothly.

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vancouver kitchen design

Vancouver Kitchen Design: What We Do

When you enlist the Brugman design team, one of the first questions that you will be asked is “What do you want from your kitchen?”. More so than creating a generic kitchen space, our team want to cater your Vancouver kitchen design to you. The wants and needs of our clients are top priority at Brugman Commercial Kitchens. Once we understand your vision, we set to work, using every inch of usable space to make a functional and appealing atmosphere for you and your clients!

Your Vancouver kitchen design requires a lot more than sketches and measurements. The Brugman design team ensures that you have a complete and function space that is completely up to code. Brugman designers provide proper specifications for all incoming equipment, meet all requirements for electrical and mechanical fixtures.


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