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vancouver custom stainless steelWithin the Vancouver area, there are tons of restaurants opening every day.  With such a high rate of tourism, who could blame them? If you are looking at joining the food service industry, we are here to help. Trust Brugman commercial kitchens for your Vancouver custom stainless steel needs.

Developed retail spaces are a dime a dozen throughout Vancouver  but  finding your perfect match is about as likely winning the lottery. Instead of an arduous search and less than satisfactory results – why not choose instead to have the space customized to you? For over 30 years, our specialists have been building, designing and building kitchens made to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Restaurants are not the only places that you will find the Brugman touch throughout the Vancouver area. Our services are available to all institutional and industrial properties. Our services can be found in areas as small as a coffee shop or as large as a retirement community. Golf courses? No problem! No matter the size of your work space, we are ready  to outfit it with our Vancouver custom stainless steel.

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vancouver custom stainless

Vancouver Custom Stainless Steel: Multi-Surface Service

By investing in our Vancouver custom stainless steel, you are making a commitment to your property and to yourself. Countertops and prep-stations are not the only way that choosing custom stainless steel can benefit your kitchen space. By enlisting our installation specialists, you are making the most out of your space with personalized storage, tools, and equipment.
When you need a new space or are looking to upgrade your current space, Brugman is in your corner! In addition to top of the line service, Brugman provides service at competitive market value.Call today to book your consultation and take the next step toward your perfect kitchen.


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