T&S Faucets: "Were Blue meets Green"


With the water & energy consumption issue right now- we need to do everything we can to save and cut back on our use. T&S Faucets: "Were Blue meets Green"

Low flow spray valves & faucets for your dishes of high volume.

Saving as much as one gallon per hand wash, T&S electronic faucets are an ideal water-saving option for a variety of applications. These smart faucets only turn on when a user’s hands are under the spout and flow at a predetermined low-flow rate. Now, with our Hydro-generator, you can save water and energy. As one of three power options for T&S electronic faucets, our Hydro-generator harnesses the flow of water to generate enough electricity to power its next use. Check it out for yourself in the brochure below.

Ask us at sales@brugman.ca or 604-460-6000

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