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surrey kitchen design
If you are a member of the food service industry, chances are that you spend all day in or around kitchens. With that type of experience, you know better than anyone how important layout can be. When you find yourself tripping over staff, equipment or are just not loving your space – call Brugman. Our Surrey kitchen design can provide the neat and functional space that you need!

Brugman Commercial Kitchens: We’re All Ears

When you are choosing a partner for your Surrey kitchen design, seeing eye to eye is crucial. Our expert design team has a ton of experience, not only with the practical aspects of the job but the personal ones as well. A kitchen is not a one-size fits all space. What works for a pizzeria does not work for a sushi restaurant. What works for a winery will not be effective in a hospital. Knowing the quirks and necessities of each space is our specialty. Brugman designers do more than listen. We really hear our clients and know how to bring your ideal kitchen into reality.

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surrey kitchen design

Surrey Kitchen Design: Practical, Technical, Functional

Drawings and speculations are not enough to create a functional space and that is why our designers do so much more. Our Surrey kitchen design includes measurements and any electrical or mechanical service requirements. Every day tools like dishwashers are great but they require both water and electrical hookups. If you are already in an outfitted space, installing new equipment could call for a full redesign. Brugman designers look after all of your electrical and mechanical service requirements and ensure that they are up to building code standards.

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