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surrey custom stainless steelDesigning your perfect kitchen area does not need to be a chore! Call Brugman commercial kitchens for your Surrey Custom Stainless Steel! With a population surpassing one million, the city of Surrey has a ton of mouths to feed! Where there is demand, Brugman helps to supply! The food service industry is at it’s peak within the Surrey region. When you are ready to jump into the hot seat, Brugman commercial kitchens will outfit your kitchen space to fit your needs.

The restaurant industry is a large market for custom work, but certainly not the only place that we have left our mark! Surrey custom stainless steel is not limited to the act of installation. Brugman has spent over thirty years in the stainless steel market and with that much experience under our belt, our team are experts in building and design.

All of our custom pieces are fabricated within British Columbia. The staff at Brugman keep our fingers on the pulse of your order every step of the way. When you choose Brugman for your Surrey custom stainless steel, you can rest assured that every piece of your custom order is getting the attention that it deserves.

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surrey custom stainless

Surrey Custom Stainless Steel: Driven By Community

The Brugman touch is  in hotels, attractions, wineries, golf courses, resort areas – even on cruise ships! Our eclectic services roster allows us to accommodate any environment. For over three decades, our staff have been making meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients, all across British Columbia. With Brugman commercial kitchens in your corner, you will never have to settle for your kitchen space!


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