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Summerland Food EquipmentLike most towns found throughout the Okanagan, Summerland is a popular, year round destination for a variety of reasons.  Water activities, golfing, cycling and hiking are all present here.  Summerland is also home to the Kettle Valley Steam Railway.  Passengers get to take a ride on a 104 year old steam locomotive through the area and over the Trout Creek Bridge, from which you can enjoy spectacular views of Okanagan Lake.  This scenic area certainly leaves an impression on those lucky enough to pay it a visit, and the food is no exception.  With a laid-back atmosphere and an emphasis on seasonal, local fare; here you will find everything from fine dining to fast food.  However, culinary establishments open and close all the time so a well designed, well equipped, efficient kitchen is vital in order to succeed.

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Summerland Food Equipment: Available To Everyone

If you are in the market for kitchen build, design and/or supply; why not give Brugman a call today on 604-460-6000 and inquire about our Summerland Food Equipment.  We’ve been in the business of creating top class kitchens for more than 30 years and not just on the commercial side.  At Brugman, we also work with churches, retirement homes, golf courses, health care institutions, and anywhere else with hungry mouths to feed.  We also maintain long standing relationships with many of our clients.  There’s no denying equipment breaks, usually at the most inopportune time, and advances in culinary technology happen constantly.

With the support of our accomplished designers and highly skilled technicians, not to mention our fully stocked Chef Shop and custom stainless steel manufacturing; you’ll have no problem staying ahead of the game.  Brugman now also offers service and maintenance on many products keeping your Summerland kitchen in perfect working order.

We truly are your one-stop-shop.  So call our office on 604-460-6000 or email us at  Let’s see what we can do for you.


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