Restaurant Patio Furniture: Season Sale is here!


Patio Weather is here! Are you ready?


Now that the sun's out hotter and longer- your business should be at it's busiest! Food and beverage orders will be high on demand now and the months to come. From Golf tournaments,wedding season, patio parties, summer vacation time and so much more- people are running to hit patios. Let's make sure you can attract, keep and accommodate those new & existing customers flocking to your hot spot. Brugman has ALL of your Patio needs from furniture, heat lamps, ice machines, etc. to ALL of your smallwares you'll need to stock up on. We carry it all! Be prepared for business to grow & flow at it's best! This month's highlight- PATIO FURNITURE! Check out just a few pieces. Contact us now for details at 604-460-6000 or or come down and see us at our onsite Chef Shop & Showroom at Brugman Food Equipment.

Now Enjoy that sun! We know we are!

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