Pizza Expo 2015- a little taster for ya?

Back from the Pizza Expo 2015 in Las Vegas! What a show! Over 3 days to walk this entire show and see what's new and upcoming in the great tasting world of Pizza. From a sweet ride in the pepperoni moble to top of the line Conveyer ovens- the world pizza not only gets better and fresh tasting by day but even by the minute. Many of these pieces of equipment were so amazing, you can have a hot, fresh and baked to perfection pizza in less than 3 minutes! Yes- 3 MINUTES! Can you imagine what this does for high in demand service like pizza? After 2 entire days of pizza, we were full to the gills but full of exciting news for our Pizza business customers. A food that will ALWAYS be a hot seller all around the world. Check out  some shots we caught for ya. Any questions- feel free to call us. We're here to help! 604-460-6000 or
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