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penticton used food equipmentWhen it comes to outfitting a new business with kitchen equipment, things can get expensive quickly. Larger appliances can run into the thousands – and that is just for one machine! Choosing used appliances as an alternative to stocking your space is a great idea to cut costs while starting out. Our Penticton used food equipment is just key to keeping costs down and quality high.

More often than not, used equipment gets a bad rap. It is not just kitchen equipment either – cars, furniture, bicycles – they all fall under the stigma of being “used”. The staff at Brugman is here to clear away that stigma. All of our appliances are tested to ensure that they are functioning properly. Over the years, Brugman has committed to bringing our clients affordable products without sacrificing any initial quality.

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Penticton Used Food Equipment: Any Kitchen, Any Time

Choosing used equipment does not only benefit startups or new businesses but can come in handy for kitchens at any level. On average, kitchen equipment is used nearly all day, every day. Even if you take care of these machines, that is a lot of wear and tear. Your kitchen equipment is not always as considerate as you are. You might be in the middle of a crowded dinner service when a stove decides to quit or doing weekend prep when a refrigerator dies.

It is never a good time to say goodbye to one your appliances but with Brugman on your side, replacements can be a breeze. More than just a point and click ordering service, Brugman commercial kitchens offers expert customer service.

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