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penticton kitchen designAnywhere you go, the food industry is extremely competitive. The Penticton area, however, takes this contest to a while new level. Penticton is a popular spot for tourists along British Columbia’s interior. In additions to these visitors, residents come out in full swing to support local businesses – particularly if there is food involved. With this mix of regular and one-time customers, restaurants and businesses can struggle to meet demands. An organized kitchen is key to keeping your customers happy. Let Brugman help out with our Penticton kitchen design.

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penticton kitchen design

Penticton Kitchen Design

There are two ways to come into the food industry, with a completely clean slate or in an already established place. Luckily, our design experts can create your idea space in either scenario. The design staff at Brugman Food Equipment works on a system of fixed and variable factors. Fixed factors are things that cannot change, such as square footage and space. By marrying these with a little bit of vision, along with variable factors, such as placement and construction, we can re-design any space.

What sets our services apart from the competition is our approach to design as a whole. Our design experts come from very different spectrums of industry. Pairing veterans of the industry with new designers, is our system for success. Combining traditional approaches to design with fresh vision, we are able to create new, innovative and functional spaces. The Brugman touch can be found all across the Penticton region. From fast food kitchens such as White Spot to larger spaces such as the Poplar Grove Winery. Large, or small, our services are always in demand.

Why wait another day to have the space that you both want and deserve? Don’t hesitate to call Brugman Food Equipment for our Penticton commercial kitchen design. Our expert designers are waiting to hear from you.


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