Att: All Pizzerias! Last Minute Event-Turbo Chef The Fire LIVE!


ATT: All Pizzerias & or cafes serving pizza! LAST MINUTE EVENT FROM OUR CUSTOMERS' REQUEST: THIS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 27TH @12 noon TurboChef The Fire Live at Brugman Chef Shop Show Room Less than an hour packed of Pizza making at it's finest- Perfection & fast in this exclusive pizza oven.

Small footprint (only 18"W X 23.25"D) Perfectly crisps and heats, providing hearth-baked results Independently controlled top and bottom convection fans heat up to 842°F (450 °C) Cooks up to 14-inch pizza 6 preset timers Exterior styling perfect for front of the house operation Customizable skins to match the color you want (red, green, blue, black and white) Certified ventless

Contact or 604-460-6000 for your seating. Limited seating so please book ahead.
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