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kelowna kitchen design
Everyone has daydreams and ambitions. If your dream happens to revolve around the food service or restaurant industry, there is a good chance that you have already mapped out your kitchen space. Taking your ideal kitchen space and making it a reality might seem impossible but we call it a goal! With our Kelowna kitchen design services, we can take any space and make it uniquely yours.

All kitchen designs begin with an idea or, in your case – a blueprint. Our design team spares no detail, providing you with a functional space from the ground up. The needs of your business will not match the ones next door that is why our designers work to give you the space that you have been dreaming of. That is why our designers work closely with clients in all aspects of your Kelowna kitchen design.

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kelowna kitchen design

Kelowna Kitchen Design

Our Kelowna kitchen design service offers more than simple sketches and placement advice. Our services are committed to making every inch of available space, a useable one. From sports bars to tourist spots, our Kelowna kitchen design can be found all over the region. Every year, thousands of tourists pass through the doors of Mission Hill winery. You can bet that the staff at Mission Hill are working in a Brugman kitchen.

Whether your commercial kitchen needs are in the heart of Kelowna or in West Bank, our team can help bring your vision to life. When you entrust your Kelowna kitchen design to our team, you are getting far more than simple sketch and placement ideas. Our services include equipment specifications, necessary electrical and mechanical specifications and any mechanical drawings you might need. Brugman designs will clear any inspections and meet any building code requirements.

Call today to find out how our Kelowna kitchen design service can benefit your space. Our services are prompt, professional and cater to the needs of our clients.


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