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kamloops food equipmentAcross Kamloops; in bars, cafés, restaurants,  golf courses, churches and retirement homes to name just a few, you can find us. Brugman kitchens can be found all over the area, outfitted with Kamloops food equipment. If you find this surprising, it shouldn’t be! Brugman services come with more than 30 years of experience and an impeccable track record. Our unparalleled team of experts leave behind a laundry list of happy customers.

At Brugman Food Equipment, your success is our success. When it comes to your Kamloops food equipment, you can expect nothing but our full and undivided attention and service. Whether it is something as simple as small wares or as complex as outfitting a new space, Brugman is your only call. With our custom stainless steel and appliances, Brugman will stand behind your business as well as our services.

Our Chef Shop is the crowing jewel of Brugman commercial kitchens. Our shop carries any number of smaller wares as well as large-scale kitchen equipment. The Chef Shop doors are always open to tour our available equipment and speak with our dedicated employees and designers. We understand that life is busy, so our Kamloops food equipment is available to ship as well.

Let our skilled design team guide you through the process of designing a kitchen space that is uniquely and perfectly yours. You can approach a start-up kitchen safe in the knowledge that our aim is to utilize the given space efficiently and in a cost-effective way.  Rest assured that there is always a way to achieve the dream of your unique kitchen, whether it is outfitting an empty space or designing a new one all together!

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kamloops food equipment

Used Kamloops Food Equipment

British Columbia is one of the most environmentally conscious provinces across Canada. As such, we are always looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Luckily, opting for used Kamloops food equipment is a sure fire way to do all three.

By choosing pre-loved commercial food equipment, you are making the choice to reduce the overhead costs of starting up a new business or remodelling an existing kitchen space. Due to the high quality of our used Kamloops food equipment, you will be able to reuse these appliances or fixtures over and over for years to come. The last of the three ‘R”‘s comes when you recycle the equipment from one venue to another. If this sounds like a “win-win” situation, call today to speak to a member of our knowledgable staff about used kitchen equipment as an option for you.

If you’re looking for superior commercial food equipment with the knowledge and experience to back it up, look no further.  Give Brugman Food Equipment a call today on 604-460-6000 or email us at service@brugman.ca.


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