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At Brugman we work with you from Design, Build and supply of your kitchen needs. Kylie Burton of Kaidco. Design takes the design, build and supply of the front Interior decor of your business to an entire new level! A fantastic quote from the very successful business CEO Kylie Burton of KaidCo. Design. Please read and check out her amazing work on Kaidco.com "You don’t need to be a restaurant critic to know that a dining experience is about far more than what’s on your plate. It’s an indulgence; and today more than ever, customers expect their experience to be elevated from every level, particularly when it comes to food, service and most importantly, ambiance and environmental design.
It’s a designers insight into things like decor, lighting, brand engagement, customer line of sight, ergonomics, and where to place the kitchen that can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience or not for your guests. At KaidCo. Design we take an all encompassed and holistic approach to ensure that every brand and experiential touch point makes a statement that is unique and considered; designing environments that are innovative, dynamic and seamlessly functional. Design should not only be applied to decor, but it should also set the tone and pace for the entire customer experience. There is no one answer or approach that is right for every establishment, be it a cafe, restaurant or delivery take out franchise. It’s about making a conscious statement from every angle that perfectly depicts who you are. It’s important that your concept identifies with your target market, as this is the foundation for your overall market position. This means that every aesthetic, decor, and brand detail has to be considered and resonate with your customer. Needless to say, its the customers take away impression that is critical to the long term success and viability of any business. At KaidCo. Design, we believe the success of any establishment is in the small details that are often overlooked. We focus and enhance the user experience by ensuring every customer touch point is an opportunity for you to make a statement and express who you are. We ensure that every element works in perfect harmony with your concept; including not only the specification of finishes and overall decor but most importantly, spatial planning with careful consideration to the back of house and front of house ratio, table turn over versus lease costs per square foot, acoustics, comfort, environmental factors and line of sight from every seat, kitchen placement and overall operating efficiencies right down to the table decor, place settings and menu design. All of these things have a lasting impact on your customers experience, take away impression, turn over and repeat business. http://www.kaidco.com/#!Product-Pick-Rational-5-Senses-Combi-Oven/c6v1/551ee21e0cf21d84af769c9b
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