Qualify for food equipment rebates


Brugman and Fortis BC team up!

Whether a corner cafe, artisan bakery, five  star restaurant or even a hospital cafeteria, your commercial kitchen may qualify for rebates up to $3500 on high efficiency natural gas cooking equipment. BENEFITS
  • Ongoing natural gas savings over the life of the appliance
  • Faster recovery time between cooking operations
  • Lowers your environmental footprints
supplyPlease contact us about our Fortis Gas Energy Star Savings Program! Not only are we saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on most of our Commercial Kitchen equipment, we also make it easier than ever for you to be eligible for this right now. Make the star choices and get even more money back for saving energy. You can't go wrong- Contact us now! Kind of like having your cake and eating it to don't you think? Please see attached the rebate amounts offered by Fortis BC. Brugman Food Equipment www.brugman.ca 604-460-6000 sales@brugman.ca
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