"Follow The Carrot!"


"Follow the Carrot!" That's what Brugman Food Equipment's very own John & Marco Brugman did as we rocked out this years' 2015 Ribfest in Comox BC with "The Pickled Carrot Catering" Company themselves. Watch out Vancouver Island- you're in one heck of a pickle! This edgy on the road catering company will rock your event with the amplified tastes and saucy menu created from the heart and soul of partners Muriel & Steve McKay along with their daughter in law Jaclyn Stuve. We had a blast indulging in some of your freshly homemade bacon crusted deep fried peroges & juicy bacon wrapped turkey legs to the crispy chicken tacos & smoked briscut tacos. All to be smackin' our chops with yes but of course- the homemade signature pickled carrot itself! Ever had a pickled carrot before? You haven't lived until you've tried one. Redseal Chef Steve McKay says its not just the taste- it's the heart and soul of our story! I, myself thought the ravishing red head paid a strong resemblance to CEO Muriel herself. However, Muriel claims it's the edgy gal that attracts you to her trailer of heavenly & sinful tastes! Thank you for not only letting us supply your amazing kitchen- but thank you for feeding & treating us as you do everyone- like family! Make sure to check out their Facebook page at The Pickled Carrot Catering Company or contact  to book your event now while spots may still be available. Your guests won't stop talking- I know we aren't. 250-702-6699 or muriel@thepickledcarrot.ca

or for equipment questions call Brugman at 604-460-6000 or sales@brugman.ca


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