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custom stainless steelThe best kitchen is an organized kitchen, but maintaining such a high paced workplace can be challenging. Over time, the needs of your commercial kitchen will change to accommodate growth and services offered. The kitchen space that you moved in to might have worked for a while but if you are looking for a new look or a new layout, custom stainless steel is the answer. By choosing Brugman for you custom stainless steel services, you can have a kitchen designed to match your needs exactly.

What Can Custom Stainless Steel Offer You

It is no secret that stainless steel appliances are on trend over the past several years. These products make your kitchen space look great, while providing functional workspace and equipment.If you have moved into a previously established kitchen space, it is likely that you are dealing with a dated aesthetic or specialized workspace. By choosing custom stainless steel, you are committing to a remodelling of your space based on your individual needs, at a fraction of the cost of an over-haul remodel. Custom stainless steel does more than improve the aesthetic of your property, but can improve functionality and organization as well. Our custom stainless steel can create more counter space, mobile work areas, hoods and everything in between!

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Why Choose Brugman For Your Custom Stainless Steel?

Over the years, Brugman Commercial Kitchens has made a name for itself across British Columbia. The designers at Brugman have decades of experience under their belts, so who better to treat your property? The only thing that stands out more than our competitive pricing is our long record of excellent customer service. The staff at Brugman understand that each property must be treated according to its individual needs, and that is why designers work directly with you in order to bring your vision to life. Our custom stainless steel services can accommodate areas as large as hospitals or retirements communities all the way to restaurants, residences and remote camp kitchen spaces.

Don’t waste your time tolerating your kitchen space when you can be loving it! Call Brugman today and begin creating your functional, welcoming and organized kitchen. Custom stainless steel services can be made to fit all types of properties, so don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling.  


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