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coquitlam food equipmentBetween 2006 and 2011, several neighbourhoods throughout Coquitlam saw their populations double or even triple in size! This means that there are dozens of new businesses opening up each and every day. Many of these are in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Whenever you are ready to jump in to the industry, trust Brugman commercial kitchens for your Coquitlam food equipment needs.

Calling in Brugman commercial kitchens is always a sound investment. Whether you are operating an existing Coquitlam business or planning on opening one from scratch, we can help. Our Coquitlam food equipment services boast over 35 years of experience in restaurant design, supply and construction practices.

Thanks to a long history of cultivating strong relationships and happy customers, Brugman Food Equipment is one of the leading companies operating within the restaurant design and supply industry. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be large chain restaurants like Tim Hortons, local Mom ‘n Pop shops or the care home that your Mom ‘n Pop live in. We specialize in creating custom stainless steel commercial kitchen design and look forward to working with our established clients as well as new ones to create the perfect kitchen for you. As fabrication takes place right here in B.C., we can make any custom metal idea you might have, a reality.

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coquitlam food equipment

Coquitlam Food Equipment: Partnering With Clients

Brugman Commercial Kitchens has spent years developing relationships with our clients. More than a business agreement, we believe in partnerships. Brugman is local to your area, so we know how to meet all of your food equipment needs. Unlike other companies, our installation and design specialists are always available to answer your questions and quell your concerns.

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