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commercial kitchen designDesign is critical to any commercial kitchen project. Without good design you end up with chaos, and no kitchen can function well when chaos ensues. At Brugman, we put a large focus on commercial kitchen design.

Throughout British Columbia and Alberta, companies both large and small trust Brugman. The number of companies that have partnered with Brugman to turn their kitchen vision into reality is enormous. It is not surprising considering we’ve been designing commercial kitchens in these two provinces for more than 30 years.

Today, our chief designers are Sandy Yeo and Krispin Hogan. Sandy has been in the design industry for 25 years, gaining experience and insight into different design strategies. Krispin has been with us for more than 12 years and is a superior designer. Together, they’re our dynamic duo when it comes to giving clients exactly what they need to make their commercial kitchen the right environment for achieving success in whatever industry they’re in, be it restaurants, pubs, delis, care homes, hospitals, industrial locations, or anywhere else a kitchen is a necessity.

At Brugman we know that efficient commercial kitchen designs provide effective production, and in every job we undertake our designers strive to ensure the most efficient layout for the space provided.

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commercial kitchen design

Commercial Kitchen Design: Bringing Your Ideas To Life

We start with the floorspace and your ideas, and then we get to work turning that space and those ideas into a plan that includes everything, including front-of-house seating, serving stations, the bar, the kitchen, the washrooms, and whatever else is necessary. We will squeeze every ounce of functionality out of the

allotted space so that every square inch contributes to your company’s bottom line.

Our commercial kitchen design plans will always include necessary kitchen equipment specifications, electrical and mechanical service requirements, and any necessary engineered mechanical drawing. Our design team also ensures every aspect of your design is done to code so it will pass inspection with flying colours, whether you’re in British Columbia or Alberta.

An efficient, complete commercial kitchen doesn’t just happen by accident. From conception to completion, it requires trained, experienced designers who understand the intricacies of getting from A to Z.

Brugman is relied upon by so many different industries for their kitchen design projects because we’re the best. Let the Brugman team in Vancouver Commercial Kitchen design the perfect kitchen for whatever your needs. Give us a call today.


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