Chef Pieter Gourmet Artisan Dips


Chef Pieter Gourmet Artisan Dips


Not only did I get to meet the VERY busy and amazing man of many talents Chef Pieter himself in his busy to be kitchen of the infamous “Giggle Dam” Port Coquitlam last week, but after chatting with him for about 20 very interesting minutes, he saw me out with his chipper smile and a jar of one of his famous GLUTEN FREE, NUT FREE dips, this particular one was the Beaver Dip. Such a nice man with a label on his dip to match his very own self. A catchy label if you will but a very nice gesture.

Well, if I would have tasted right than and there what I decided to spread on 12 grain crackers later that evening for company- I would have bought ALL the flavors to follow!

Whether you’re having company, adding some zest to your dishes or simply spreading on a toasted bagel- Chef Pieter's Artisanal Culinary Creations are the one in a million “WOW” of what a dip should taste like. The Beaver Dip was bursting of an epic combo- Smoked Gouda, cream cheese, tomato, onion, banana peppers , fresh cilantro with a hint of Jalapeno that left me scraping the bottom of the jar with any utensil to get any hint of what was left.

If you haven’t tasted this dip among his roster of others (of my soon to be as well!) than you’ll wanna stock up while you can as Xmas is around the corner and you wanna be the party dish maker that everyone calls the “Hero!” lol

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BONUS: Customers are also able to purchase online via Fresh Gourmet Takeaway for delivery to their door.  Here's the link:



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