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burnaby used food equipmentIn an ideal world, renovation budgets would be large and start-up costs would be low but as nice as it sounds, this often isn’t the case. For decades, Brugman commercial kitchens have been outfitting business with our Burnaby used food equipment services. Our technicians are experts when to comes to outfitting your space with the best used equipment available.
The city of Burnaby is constantly growing. With its many amenities and proximity to Vancouver, tons of individuals take up residence here each year. The larger the population grows, the bigger the need for commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchens are not limited to restaurant kitchens either. Our Burnaby used food equipment is present in golf courses, retirement communities, classrooms, leisure centres and anywhere else you can think of.

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Burnaby Used Food Equipment: Products That Can Handle Your Workload

While time passes, commercial kitchens and their equipment get a lot of use. This is much less an observation than it is an obvious fact. Small wares are necessary to a kitchen but everyone knows it is the largest appliances that make up the lifeblood of a functioning kitchen. When an oven or a refrigerator dies, it is a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible, no matter what the cost may be. Having Brugman in your back pocket can make sticky situations like this, that much easier.

For all your used food equipment needs, contact Brugman and let us take a load off. We are always open to lending a helping hand in perfecting your space.


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