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burnaby kitchen design

There are many times in life when you just have to deal with the cards that you are dealt. This does not have to be true of your kitchen space. Although you might be dealing with and ill-functioning kitchen now, we can fix that! One call to Brugman is all it takes to get that ball rolling on your new Burnaby kitchen design.

What A New Kitchen Means For You

Updating or redesigning your commercial kitchen space does more than improve looks. Vancouver is one of the hottest tourist spots in North America. When you combine that with a high local population, it makes from a high level of demand. A few simple changes can mean the difference between managing your business and conquering it.
Our expert design team brings more than pencils and papers to your Burnaby kitchen design. Having an extra set (or two!) of experienced eyes can offer a brand new perspective on how to improve the layout of your space. An efficient and functional kitchen can make all the difference within the food industry.

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burnaby kitchen design

The Brugman Team: What Sets Our Burnaby Kitchen Design Apart

The designers at Brugman commercial kitchens blend traditional and innovative techniques in order to create your perfect space. Sometimes all it takes to give your space the jump-start it needs, is a fresh set of eyes. We believe in marrying to traditional and the innovative. That is why our design team blends expertise from Sandy Yeo, with 25 years of experience in the industry with green ideas from Krispin Hogan. Two sets of eyes are better than one and our experts use all of our resources to bring your vision to life!
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