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Burnaby Food EquipmentIn Burnaby, there is some sort of restaurant, cafe or eatery around every corner. Our Burnaby food equipment is proud to have assisted in the building and supply for hundreds of these locations over the years.  In addition to golf courses; retirement homes; grocery chains; hospitals; cafes, coffee shops and bistros; we service large franchise restaurants.  From Canada’s largest food court at the Metropolis at Metrotown Mall with seating for 1,000 plus, to the Royal Canadian Legion; many Burnaby business owners and residents turn to Brugman for their Burnaby food equipment, because we’re the best in the business.

No matter your Burnaby restaurant equipment needs we’re here to help.  Are you having trouble finalizing the plan for your Burnaby kitchen?  Due to the wide-range of our customers needs, our designers can do it all! Our chief designers take great pride in using every square inch of available space to maximize productivity and profit.  We’re not just talking about necessary kitchen equipment or mechanical service requirements.  We also include front-of-house seating, serving stations, the kitchen,and  even the bar.  Taking all your ideas on board and pairing them with 30+ years of commercial kitchen expertise; our aim is to design and build the perfect kitchen for you.

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burnaby food equipmentBurnaby Food Equipment: Outfit & Design

Do  you feel it’s time for some upgrades on your aging kitchen?  We offer a vast selection at our onsite Chef Shop, from small wares to commercial food equipment and everything in between.  We specialize in stainless steel fabrication which takes place right here in B.C.  So, whether you’re on the hunt for ovens and coolers or a custom metal tabletop, hood or bar, we can deliver to your front door on a timeline you can rely.  Maybe you’re a home cook aspiring to more.  You could be cooking out of your personal kitchen on commercial grade equipment with a call to Brugman on 604-460-6000.


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