Bauhaus Restaurant Gastown


A night to remember for sure by all of us Brugmans.

Located right in the heart of Vancouver's very own historic Gastown- Bauhaus Restaurant not only won the hearts and taste buds of us as a family, but also kept us cozy and feeling at home in the welcoming arms of Owner Uwe Boll himself.

Greeting each and every table full of customers in his restaurant- I watched Uwe make sure every customer had a unique and pleasurable culinary experience that night. As Uwe also not only told us he personally sampled every wine on their extensive wine list, he shared with us that fair pricing can help everyone enjoy a beautiful glass of wine with their meal.

And of course world-renowned Michelin Star chef Stefan Hartmann, captures a contemporary approach to German cuisine only selecting the  local, organic, and freshest seasonal ingredients as inspiration for his five featured menus.

To me, this is the REAL dining experience that every attendee into Vancouver, Gastown should experience.

Thank you Uwe & Stefan for truly one of a kind experience in the best of German cuisine at your newly opened and chic restaurant Bauhaus. We will see you soon again.

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