ATTENTION ALL DELI'S GROCERY STORES/MARKETS & MORE! Brugman Brings to you the Bizerba GSP H Manual Slicer & Bizerba GSPHD Automatic slicer. More bang for your buck, no injuries for your staff, and Quality equipment only!

Here's it straight to ya!

· Ability to slice product down to virtually nothing resulting in speedy return on investment.

· Ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue on wrist, elbow and shoulder during the manual slicing process.

· Lift device to elevate the slicer off the counter to clean underneath. No manual lifting required.

· Drain trough incorporated on the gauge plate to prevent liquids from dripping onto the counter and floor.

· More than 50% lower energy consumption during the slicing process compared to other slicing machines on the market.

· NSF approved

· Safest machine on the market, virtually eliminating the possibility of injury if the slicer is used as instructed.

· Sharpening device can be washed in sink or in a dishwasher.

And that's a wrap! Call us for further details and special pricing @604-460-6000 or title your email "Bizerba" and right away receive the Brugman special pricing! Or simply SilverChef it and try it out for your hands on experience- it's that easy!

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