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abbotsford used food equipment

Many restauranteurs feel as though the success of their business is based around the tools that they use. This is only partly true. Our Abbotsford used food equipment is here to tell you that ‘new’ does not always mean ‘better’.
Partnering with Brugman means outfitting your workspace, without breaking the bank!

With our experienced staff, you can have it all! High functioning kitchen equipment, top of the lines supplies and all while lining your pockets with extra funds.
Abbotsford used kitchen equipment is not limited to emerging facilities or restaurants. This service is used by some of the most recognizable names within the Canadian food industry. Brugman has lefts its mark on businesses such as Panago Pizza and Tim Horton’s. In addition to larger names, we service local favourites like Brodears.
The most obvious use for kitchen equipment is, of course commercial kitchens but our appliances are useful in any number of locations. Our Abbotsford used food equipment is used in wineries, homes, churches, as well as alongside Retirement Concepts and Integrated Health B.C.


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Abbotsford Used Food Equipment: A Hard Earned Reputation

Many businesses boast their services throughout Abbotsford but there are very few which have the same track record and reputation as Brugman commercial kitchens. Our Abbotsford used food equipment gives your space a new lease on life and we have a distinguished client list to prove it!

What sets our service apart, you may ask? Our staff are local to your region and approach each job with the kindness and care that you can expect from a neighbour.

Trusting Brugman Commercial Kitchens with your Abbotsford used kitchen equipment is an investment, for yourself and your property. Instead of taking chances with other suppliers of used food equipment, trust Brugman with your outfitting needs.

Call today to speak with one of our experienced installation and design specialists. Our Abbotsford used food equipment has been servicing the area for decades – so why look anywhere else? So many happy clients can’t be wrong!


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