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abbotsford custom stainless steelWhether you are at home or at work, you want your space to reflect you. There is nowhere that the is more important than your kitchen. When you want your kitchen to make the right statement, our Abbotsford custom stainless steel can help!

Why Trust Brugman?

When it comes to any commercial kitchen space, the two most important aspects are cleanliness and functionality. Luckily, you do not have to choose between the two. Our Abbotsford custom stainless steel can be made to fit your property in any way that you need it to. When you think stainless steel, the first thing to come to mind is more than likely the surfaces of appliances but Brugman commercial kitchens is here to tell you, it is so much more than that! Our Abbotsford custom stainless steel can be made and moulded into anything that you need it to be. Our Abbotsford stainless steel services can be found all over the city itself. Examples of our custom stainless steel are present in Bistros and restaurants across the Abbotsford area but more than just our products, Brugman leaves behind a trail of happy customers.

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abbotsford custom stainless

Abbotsford Custom Stainless Steel: Made To Fit Your Space

Brugman Commercial Kitchens has been a leader in the design industry for more than three decades. During that time, we have put a lot of focus on our customer service and relationships. Our dedication to our fellow community members shows itself in our dedication to a job well done! Whether you need to replace existing surfaces or you need some added, Brugman is behind you ever step of the way. Our Abbotsford custom stainless steel covers not only replacements but creations as well. Lacking prep space? We have you covered with mobile service and prep stations. Need more ventilation? Our stainless steel hoods can help with that. You name it, we can make it.

Your ideal kitchen is only a phone call away. Brugman Commercial Kitchens is ready to answer any questions your might have regarding your very own Abbotsford custom stainless steel service.


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