A Catering Dream!


Did You know? In an "A la carte" environment, the 61 Rational Combi Oven can handle 60-80 covers! No problem!! & As for banquets, if you are using our finishing packages then you would get about 72 plates per unit. Yes Sir & Mam! You heard right. Imagine the capabilities and growth of your service/business in this one combi oven-The Rational.

Less kitchen space to take up, less equipment and costs that go with it and to top it all off- This is an Energy Star model if gas is the choice! You can get up to $2,500-$3,000 in rebate! Ask us for details! Call our team at 604-460-6000 or sales@brugman.ca

Our next event of the Rational Live Combi is September 9th @1pm. Book now for your free seating & arrive hungry and ready to be blown away!

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