Rational XS LIVE- come see & eat!


First LIVE SHOW OF This Amazing XS Rational Model at Brugman

Wednesday June 7th @1pm- Brugman Food Equipment will open its doors for a viewing of the amazing new Rational Self Cooking Ctr XS!

"The Lincoln of all Combi Ovens- Rational"

What is a SelfCookingCenter® XS? The small cooking system with real intelligence.

Rational gives you all of the key functions to ensure top quality and maximum efficiency within a space measuring just 55.5 cm deep and 65.5 cm wide.

Combining heat and steam into a single appliance opens up a wealth of new options in professional food preparation. It cooks food very gently, giving you significantly healthier and more nutritious results. The new SelfCookingCenter® XS can take care of 95% of all common cooking processes for you.

Come join us for limited seating. All that we ask is that you arrive hungry & ready to have fun. Bring your questions if you have them, and if you want to try your own food items-we can show you just how great this amazing Combi really is.

Wednesday June 7th @ 1pm

Don't Miss This Event! Have your taste buds ready!

RSVP only to: sales@brugman.ca or 604-460-6000


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