Garland/Frymaster Fryer

Product Description

Garland/Frymaster Fryer- Top Quality!

Unsurpassed in their vitality, proven worldwide in their performance and maintenance needs!
The MJ35 Gas fryers offer options that accommodate a wide range of frying needs- everything from french fries, pre-breaded products to specialty foods.
The master jet burner system distributes heat evenly around the frypot , generating a large heat-transfer area for efficient exchange and recovery. They have earned a legendary reputation for durability and reliability.
The MJ burners require no burner cleaning or air shutter adjustment.
The reliable center-line, fast action temp. probe assures accurate temps. for efficient heat up.
The large cold zone and forward sloping bottom help collect and remove sediment from the frypot to safegaurd oil quality and support routine frypot cleaning.
The standard flush front feature deflects oil out from the back of the frypot moving sediment.

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