Okanagan Chefs Association 2018

Okanagan Chefs Association 2018


Our Brugman Team members Marco Brugman & Ken Stratton enjoyed the March Okanagan Chefs Association Awards to the fullest this past week.

From some of the TOP Chefs in the Okanagan to the President of the Chefs Association himself & Summerhill Winery’s Head Chef to top that title off- Jeremy Luypen did above and beyond when it came to “Wowing” the attendees with a beautifully colored vegan dish paired with Summerhill’s very own top picks for wine pairings.

“Always a night to remember” & “surrounded by such positivity & talent” said Marco of Brugman Food Equipment.

On behalf of the Brugman Team- “Thank you for such an amazing night as always!”

2018 is moving fast & full of flare!

(From left to right) Brugman Okanagan Representative- Ken Stratton, Chefs Map CEO- Kristian Thanas, Brugman CEO- Marco Brugman & Summerhill Winery’s very own Head Chef & President of the Okanagan Chefs Association himself- Jeremy Luypen gather for some exciting new and upcoming events for this 2018 year ahead!