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kelowna used food equipment

kelowna used food equipment

The concept that “new is always better” is a myth. Brugman commercial kitchens wants you to know that used kitchen equipment can work just as well as the new stuff. All of our wares are tried, tested and true to their proper functionality and purpose. Our Kelowna used food equipment can be found all over the city, so why not in your home or business? Brugman commercial kitchens has lent its services to restaurants, hotels, community housing, wineries and everything in between.

Shopping for used Kelowna food equipment can make a huge difference to your wallet. You can save without sacrificing any of the quality that you have come to expect owning or operating a commercial kitchen. Whether you are in an emerging business or an established one, a little extra revenue can go a long way. Our clients have come to expect a full service commercial kitchen service. You can shop our wares online, speak to a representative by phone or – if you are in the area – stop by our Chef Shop.

Kelowna Used Food Equipment: Customer Care is Key

Our dedication to customer care does not simply end with a sale. Our company stands behind our products, and our customers all the way and we are willing to prove it. A reputation like Brugman’s does not just appear out of thin air. It comes from decades of experience, elbow grease and attention to detail. Call today to speak to a member of our staff about service and maintenance options. While you are at it – ask them why we’re the most reliable commercial kitchen retailer across British Columbia. We will be happy to tell you and you will be glad you asked!

Give our head office location a call on 604-460-6000 and we’ll locate your territory representative; or simply email us at