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coquitlam kitchen design

coquitlam kitchen design

Brugman commercial kitchens is known all across Canada’s west coast for our kitchen design service. If your working kitchen is no longer working for you, we can help! Our designs are present in venues large and small, new and long-standing. No matter what space you are in, our award-winning design team can help with your Cpquitlam kitchen design.

For The Emerging Business

Starting out in the food industry comes with a lot of hurdles. Learning the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of a new kitchen can be a real learning curve. Small details can make or break the early days of service related kitchen. Brugman boasts over 30 years of kitchen design projects. During this time we have learned all the tricks to help you get started on the right foot. Making the most of your space is essential to making the most of your investment. Brugman designers provide necessary equipment specifications as well as engineered mechanical drawings. These technical drawings and designs ensure that any adjustments made to your kitchen are properly functioning and helpful.

For The Established Business

The food industry is based around innovation. Menus, practices and even clients are always changing and owners are forced to keep up. This can mean learning new techniques, upping production and having the equipment to do both. More labour means more bodies and that can drastically change the current look of your kitchen. When you need an increase in efficiency and surface area, our designers can help. Brugman designers can create prep surfaces, install ventilation hoods, expand bar space, provide serving carts and tons of other helpful changes.

Why Go Pro?

More often than not, the changes that owners are looking for require more than simply fitting an appliance into a designated space. Your redesign is more than a game of tetris! The expert design team at Brugman cover all of your basis, including technical and mechanical drawing, as well as any equipment specifications that you might need. All of our services are done up to code and are sure to pass any inspections that they might be up against.