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Wesley_Allen_Shaw_Brugman-9048Let’s face it, when a piece of kitchen equipment goes down it’s usually at the worst possible time. Whether it is a dinner rush, or the slow season and you don’t have money just lying around for equipment replacement. Yes, it can be a total nightmare, but it can also be an opportunity. Let Brugman Commercial Kitchens show you how to turn misfortune into a move forward. Our Commercial kitchen construction

When old, broken-down equipment must be replaced, Brugman should be your first call. After all, we know kitchens inside and out, and we know you don’t have time for downtime. That is why we do everything we can to ensure our customers get the equipment they need. We do this as fast as possible, allowing them to get back to work. We supply all sorts of kitchen equipment, from small wares to the largest commercial kitchen equipment. Brugman provides any equipment your British Columbia or Alberta kitchen facility might need.

Check out our products page for a complete list of the product lines we carry at Brugman. So what’s the opportunity in all of this? Replacements provide a chance to increase productivity, save on energy costs, and improve the quality of the equipment you’re using. This can even revamp kitchen systems to make them more efficient! Our team specializes in finding the right equipment for the job. We offer a wide range of stock and custom order restaurant equipment all across B.C. and Alberta.

Commercial Kitchen Construction: Improvement in Stages

Our selections enable you to choose the kitchen equipment best suited to your needs and budget. Calling Brugman gives you the opportunity to:

  • Improve productivity with new equipment and new technology that gets the job done faster or better.
  • Save money over the long haul with more energy-efficient equipment.
  • Improve the bottom line with better quality equipment that boosts profits.
  • Change the way your kitchen functions with custom-designed stainless steel manufacturing to custom fit fixtures and maximize space, thereby improving efficiency and increasing production.

When we take on a project, the products we recommend have been chosen based on quality, energy efficiency, price and variety… in both size and selection. As well, all equipment you order through us will be delivered to your doorstep and set in place for connection by the sub-trades (contractors) of your choice, if required. We even offer you a list of reputable and reliable contractors to choose from if you require it, because service is our first priority. Okay, we’ve talked about the big stuff, but don’t forget that Brugman also has all of the small wares Alberta and BC commercial kitchens need.

If you’re in the Maple Ridge area, our showroom is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you’re not in the area, we have no problem shipping whatever you need. We price all of our products competitively, and confidently. Brugman is the name to remember for your commercial kitchen construction throughout western Canada.