About Commercial Kitchen Design, Build & Supply

Wesley_Allen_Shaw_Brugman-9263When it comes to commercial kitchen design and creation, Brugman is an industry leader. In British Columbia and Alberta, few names in the industry are as trusted as Brugman Commercial Kitchens. That is due to more than three decades within the field. Anyone needing a high-quality kitchen for any commercial, institutional or industrial application seeks out Brugman. Our expert team brings knowledge, experience and professionalism to every job.

At Brugman, we specialize in:

• Commercial kitchen design and installation
• Institutional kitchen design and installation
• Industrial kitchen design and installation
• Supplying restaurant equipment
• Home kitchen retail

Brugman is a leader when it comes to high quality kitchen designs because we love what we do. It’s as simple as that.

We love the design component of each job – in particular the creation of each unique project from scratch. We also love sourcing the equipment and bringing each project to life during the installation phase. Most of all, however, we love looking over the finished project! Our work gives us a sense of pride. The only thing better is the knowledge that each kitchen we complete is going to feed hungry people.

Each member of our team, starting with owner John Brugman, shares this passion for commercial kitchen design. John started in the meat packing industry, but eventually opened his first kitchen design shop in 1980, in Vancouver. In 1997 he moved the operation to Maple Ridge to better serve the Fraser Valley, and since then the company has experienced significant growth.

John’s 40-plus years of experience in the kitchen design industry is the backbone for what we do, but every member of our team is highly skilled.

His son Marco entered the family business straight after completing his post-secondary schooling, and has taken the reigns of day-to-day operations for Brugman.
Each member of the team is specifically chosen to complement the rest of the team, and together we have just one goal – to ensure our clients receive superior quality products and service on time and at affordable prices.

Where will you find our work? Pretty much everywhere.

Golf courses, cafes, restaurants, care homes, supermarkets, deli’s, hospitals and food processing plants are just a few examples of the kinds of food service facilities we have designed, built and supplied equipment to.

Lately, Brugman has had the opportunity to work with several mining, oil and gas companies in British Columbia and Alberta to provide them with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities for their operations. It’s pretty exciting stuff to team up with the industries that are using our natural resources to build a stronger country.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that in addition to commercial kitchen design for companies in Alberta and BC, we also carry a full line of brand name, professional food equipment and supplies for restaurants, hotels, institutional kitchens, supermarkets, bakeries, delicatessens and butcher shops in both provinces. And if you’re in the Fraser Valley area, we even retail those products to home chefs who like the idea of commercial-grade equipment in their personal kitchen.

Brugman provides free consultation to clients. While you begin the process of design and supply we would like the opportunity to work with you. Make Brugman your choice!